Ph.D., 2013 (expected) Lehigh University, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. Dissertation title, “Spatial and temporal variability of deformation in the Northern Apennines”

M.S., 2010 Lehigh University, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. Thesis title, “New rock-magnetic cyclostratigraphy for the Stirone River section, northern Italy: Implications for unsteady fold growth

B.S., 2008 Brigham Young University, Department of Geological Sciences, 3.58 GPA. Senior Project, “Geormorphic indictors of active deformation in East Timor.”


2012- Chevron Energy Technology Company    Earth Science Intern in New Ventures group. Conducted unconventional resource assessment for basins in the mid-continental U.S.

2007- IGES, LLC.     Field geologist responsible for assessment of geologic hazards. Assisted in data collection and report writing for fault and landslide hazard studies. Participated in seismic data acquisition. 

2005- AGEC, Inc.    Field technician responsible for assisting geologists in debris flow and fault hazard studies. Performed laboratory soil experiments. 



Gunderson, K.L., Anastasio, D.J., Pazzaglia, F.J., Picotti, V., In Review, Tectonophysics, Fault slip rate variability on 104-105 yr time scales for a blind thrust fault, Northern Apennines, Italy.

Gunderson, K.L., Kodama, K.P., Anastasio, D.J., Pazzaglia, F.J., 2012, Rock-Magnetic Cyclostratigraphy for the Late Pliocene-Early Pleistocene Stirone Section, Northern Apennine Mountain Front, Italy, Geological Society, London, Special Publications v.373, doi 10.1144/SP373.8

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Gunderson, K.L., Anastasio, D.J., Pazzaglia, F.J., 2011, Milankovitch time-scale record of unsteady fault slip, Salsomaggiore thrust, Northern Apennines, Italy, AGU Fall meeting 2012, Abstract # T44A-05

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Gunderson, K.L., Pazzaglia, F.J., Anastasio, D.J, Kodama, K.P., Frankel, K.L., Ponza, A., Berti ,C., Smith, D., Tanen, B., and O’Neill, M., 2011, Along-strike partitioning of shortening on thrust-related folds, Northern Apennine mountain front, Italy, European Geoscience Union Spring Meeting, Abstract #5291

Gunderson, K.L., Anastasio, D.J., Kodama, K.P., Pazzaglia, F.J., 2009, Unsteady fold growth at Milankovitch time scales encoded in marine growth strata, Salsomaggiore Anticline, Italy, Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, Vol. 41, No. 7, p. 184 

Gunderson, K.L., Kodama, K.P., Anastasio, D.J., Pazzaglia, F.J., 2009, Milankovitch orbital cycles encoded by diagenetic iron sulfides in Neogene sediments, Stirone River section, Northern Apennines, Italy, American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2009, abstract #GP43B-0854


Chevron ETC- Strucutral Geology Research Group, September 2012

ENI Petroleum- Exploration and Production Group, April 2011


2011, 2012- Teaching Assistant- Field Camp- Lehigh University    Helped design and teach field mapping exercises during a five week field camp. 

2010, 2012-2013- Teaching Assistant- Structural Geology- Lehigh University    Responsible for designing and teaching weekly labs to undergraduate structural geology students. Contributed to classroom and field instruction. 

2007, 2008- Teaching Assistant- Physical Science / Geologic hazards course- Brigham Young University    Taught weekly physical science labs. Assisted in earth science curriculum development for general education course. 


Geological Society of America 2009 graduate student research grant: $2140 

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences 2009 Palmer Grant: $2000

Geological Society of America 2011 graduate student research grant:$2809

American Association of Petroleum Geologists 2011 Grants-in-Aid Program: $3000

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences 2011 Palmer Grant: $2000

Best Student Research Presentation: 2013 Lehigh EES Research Symposium


Recipient 2008-2009 Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences Kravis fellowship


Organized annual Lehigh EES Graduate Student Research Symposium: 2009-2011

Organized Lehigh EES weekly seminar series: 2011-2013

Graduate Student Representative College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s council: 2012-2013


Geological Society of America: 2007-Present

American Association of Petroleum Geologists: 2007- Present

American Geophysical Union: 2008- Present

European Geosciences Union: 2011- Present


Structural Analysis and Modeling Using MOVE” Sponsored by Midland Valley, Houston 2012

Graduate Student Teacher Development Series” Sponsored by Lehigh University Department 

Fundamentals of Seismic Stratigraphy” Sponsored by AAPG at Lehigh University, March 2010of  Faculty Development. Seven 2-hour workshop on teaching university students, Fall 2010

“Tectonic Geomorphology Field Methods” Sponsored by ETH- Zurich and the University of Bologna in the Northern Apennines, Italy, May 2009

Fundamentals of Seismic Structural Analysis” Sponsored by ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips, at the GSA Annual Meeting in Portland, OR, 2009


Time series analysis (Analyseries and MTM), seismic interpretation (EPOS and Landmark), 2D and 3D structural modeling (MOVE and Lithotect), ARCGIS, MATLAB